Gretchen VS Rita

In "Gretchen VS Rita", Brasileirinhas separated the best scenes from the two queens of national porn! There are 16 explicit sex scenes with the Queen of Bumbum and the Queen of Prisoners of the old Carandiru. In this epic duel, who chooses the winner is you! Rita Cadillac and Gretchen recorded porn movies at the height of fame - Rita has eight films and Gretchen four. At the time of the scenes, the butt queen acted alongside her then husband and threw herself into the whoring in hot scenes with lots of oral sex and moans! & Nbsp; Rita Cadillac showed why she was so loved among inmates and viewers of the old show do Chacrinha - in addition to the hustle and bustle, our queen knows how to do it when it comes to sex. Rita recorded scenes alongside the biggest names in porn at the time. She starred with Alexandre Frota and Lana Starck in hot scenes! In addition to the iconic scene of his films - Rita fucks inside a Cadillac! & Nbsp; See more: Porn movies of Rita Cadillac Porn movies of Gretchen Porn videos of celebrities Brasileirinhas gathered her main celebrities in a nostalgic compilation! Here, bitching has no time to end and our hot babes will show why they have become the most remembered sexy symbols in Brazil! Recently, butt queen Gretchen recorded a video of singer Katy Perry, but here in Brasileirinhas, she had already made many more interesting videos! & Nbsp; Inmate queen, Rita Cadillac, is still one of the most remembered women to this day when it comes to sensuality - on the scene, the hot blonde prances her ass and fucks tasty! & nbsp; Check out "Gretchen VS Rita" and choose your favorite! & nbsp;

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