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The butt queen, Gretchen decided to become a porn actress from Brasileirinhas and fucked tasty with her husband. The brunette Gretchen threw herself in the porn movies of Brasileirinhas and recorded several explicit sex movies with her hubby. Gretchen is a singer, actress, dancer, recorded several hits, porn actress, fucked in Brasileirinhas porn movies with her husband and became popularly known as the "Queen of the Butt". The rabuda morena made pornochanchada films that also had the participation of Rita Cadillac. Gretchen was born in 1959 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, beginning her artistic career in 1976 as a singer, that same year she chose her stage name Gretchen, despite being upset because of the difficulty of pronunciation and because it is an unusual name, she remained steadfast in the choice of name and since then it has only been a success. The brunette became famous all over Brazil and is known as the queen of the sweetheart or Rainha do Bumbum, it was not only in Brazil that this muse became known, in 2017 Katy Perry released a clip with the participation of the sexy Brazilian muse, the song was she calls Swish swish and Gretchen dances and moves around with her dancers at her side. The queen of the wiggle is also a stamped figure in the memes of social networks, due to her spontaneity and the faces and mouths that Gretchen makes in videos and photos, are always relating the brunette to several "memes" on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, the singer has already become practically "the queen of memes" on the social networks of Brazilians. The hot brunette was also part of the cast of the fifth edition of the reality show "A Fazenda", ended up giving up participation during the sixth week, participated in the reality show "Troca de Família" on the Record network, leaving the audience in first place and years later the broadcaster she still replayed the season, the queen of the sweetheart marked her presence on a reality TV show on Rede TV, she is never out of the media and has gone through practically all open TV stations in Brazil, recently Gretchen was invited to play a role in Globo's soap opera "A Dona do Pedaço", presented by the author of the soap opera, Walcyr Carrasco with a role made especially for her, the queen of the party proved that the sky is the limit in her career and that everything she does is successful, she went so far as to declare that it was just what she lacked in her career after partnering with Katy Perry. The first naked experience on camera came with the playboy magazine, the brunette showed all her curves and the success was so great that in 2006, Gretchen went to porn and signed a contract with Brasileirinhas recording several sex scenes with her then husband Gutto Guitar, in all the scenes the brunette was next to her husband and besides dancing for the grown man, our porn actress had a lot of sex in all the scenes. The sexy muse even made a sensual rehearsal especially for Brasileirinhas, she posed totally peladinha and showed that despite her crown she was with everything on top and with the horny turned on at most. The queen of the swing, Gretchen is too hot! She made one of the most awaited explicit sex movies of all time and the naughty brunette showed that she is very good at fucking, especially with her husband. In Brasileirinhas you find many porn films by Gretchen, some of the porn films by Gretchen are: "La Conga Sex"; "Carnaval 2007" and "A Rainha do Bumbum". The films of this queen of the wiggle were a sales success at the time and to this day are the most watched films on the Brasileirinhas website, the brunette showed that she is versatile in her career and that she is a great professional, including as a porn actress. Gretchen won several awards throughout her career, one of which was the Queen of the Internet, acquired after the clip recorded with Katy Perry, the Queen of the Butt is a guaranteed success in everything she does and in Brasileirinhas porn movies it was not differently, the cat is currently the most watched porn actress on the site, leaving behind several famous pornstars and porn actresses with career years. In the porn movie "La Conga Sex", the brunette recorded 4 scenes with her husband, in the first scene the cat is in a mansion with her husband and he asks for a taxi, but before the car arrives, the two took the opportunity to fuck yummy, the husband got a hard-on when he saw her in a white dress and soon was taking off Gretchen's clothes in the biggest makeout, the porn actress from Brasileirinhas fell mouth on the big dick of her husband who was already horny, the grown man ate the wife on the piano and without a condom. The cat was all horny wet with this fuck. The brunette takes the opportunity to show all her dancing skills in the second scene of the film and she was wearing a belly dance outfit for her husband who was just drooling, in an atmosphere of Arab music the two of them fuck tasty until they come. Gretchen gave her husband a lot of pussy and even in the bathroom of the mansion the hot fucked with him. Gretchen fell in the carnival whoring of Brasileirinhas, the hot and rabuda brunette showed all her shaking and samba on her feet, and soon after fell in the whoring with her husband fucking hot in the middle of the hall, the actress gave a show and fucked for real in this carnival of Brasileirinhas. In the porn movie "A Rainha do Bumbum", with three scenes, the hot Gretchen decided to release her pussy again for her husband and already in the first scene of the Brasileirinhas porn movie the cat fucks on the couch, the brunette Rabuda gave the pussy to enjoy tasty for the well-endowed Husband who stuck the stick without mercy. In the carnival film "Funk x Carnaval", the hot singer played again in the orgy and alongside Rita Cadillac and other pornstars from Brasileirinhas all got ready, besides fucking a lot in all the scenes, there was a lot of samba, a hot woman and funk for all tastes, big and hot ass was not lacking, the orgy was the best in Brazil and in the world. The films of the queen of the sweetheart were so successful that Brasileirinhas decided to put the best scenes of Gretchen in Brasileirinhas with the scenes of Rita Cadillac in a single film, where the two fuck a lot and with desire to enjoy in "Gretchen vs Rita Cadillac", the whoring rolls loose with 16 scenes in total, it is awesome to hit that wank until you can't take these famous and hot Brasileirinhas anymore, Rita and Maria Odete are hot, dancers, singers and even proved that they do very well when it comes to the subject it's sex, those two are too much. Then come fall in whoring with the porn movies of Gretchen porn actress from Brasileirinhas! Her films were a sales success, the hottie in various positions, moaning in the best "conga la conga" style! In addition to seeing the cat dancing and sensualizing for real in all the films, you will see the cat fucking willingly next to her well-endowed husband, it is whoring that never ends, this big-ass brunette has conquered Brazil and the world with her sensuality and sympathy and even today she is known, it seems that nothing more is missing in the career of this sexy queen, the cat has done everything throughout her career, sang, danced, participated in several TV shows, soap operas, landed naked, she has married more than 7 times, had children, recorded a video with an international singer and was also a porn actress, not to mention the success that the brunette and eternal "Rainha do Rebolado" makes on social networks, Gretchen is really a Brazilian icon. This brunette is not really afraid to face new challenges and that is why she is so successful, Gretchen puts a lot of 20-something girl in her shoes, post, the soul of this muse kills herself young and she is always doing new and different things in her life, this woman really is a Brazilian figure and here in Brasileirinhas she has guaranteed space with her explicit sex movies, which are even the most watched, she rocks everything she does and porn movies would be no different.

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