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IN BRASILEIRINHAS BAD BOY ALEXANDRE FROTA HAS SEVERAL PORN MOVIES Videos of sex with Alexandre Frota for Brasileirinhas. See Frota's movies with the best national porn actresses, real sex scenes from Bad Boy showing. Alexandre Frota is a federal deputy from São Paulo, but before that he was a porn actor in Brasileirinhas and recorded scenes of explicit sex with several actresses, famous and even transvestites. He had no qualms when it came to bitching, the former participant in the artists' house, spent a few years in the porn career and even directed some films, in addition to fucking with actresses, of course! Fleet is a model, actor, director, presenter and porn actor. "A thousand and one utilities" and with his fame as Bad Boy, he recorded several sex scenes with the hottest Brasileirinhas and was a success in national porn. Before joining the Brasileirinhas pornstars team and making porn films, Alexandre Frota acted in several soap operas on Rede Globo and participated in the first edition of the reality show “Casa dos Artistas”, at SBT, where he stood out alongside Supla. As in other professions he was also very successful as a porn actor and really became a sex professional with several films recorded by Brasileirinhas. Even after posing a few times naked, Alexandre Frota surprised the audience by signing a contract with the producer of sexually explicit adult films Brasileirinhas for being the first famous actor in Brazil to openly enter this branch, Frota broke the porn industry paradigms by entering definitely towards the middle, opened doors for upcoming stars and celebrities to participate in porn movies and broke the prejudice label that surrounded the middle of porn. Amid so many controversies, Alexandre Frota also drew attention due to his sex scene with transvestite Bianca Soares, in the film “Garoto de Programa”. In this film the Bad Boy from Brasileirinhas left many people surprised, because he acted against the transvestite Bianca Soares and the actor ate the cat's ass willingly, Frota showed himself to be a porn actor without limits in sex and without modesty, besides taking everything in films. In the gigantic list of films that Bad Boy made, Alexandre Frota faced the brunette Ju Pantera, who opened up to him in the film “Sem Limites”, in this film the grown man made a threesome with two hot babes and ate the cats without a condom, the fuck was hard and everyone enjoyed very tasty, whoring is guaranteed with the Bad Boy of Brasileirinhas and who does not like to see a lot of hot moaning very tasty. The hot Márcia Imperator made a real sex scene, where the naughty hired him to do an extra little job in her pussy in the movie “Na teia do Sexo", Bad Boy played the role of a detective who ended up finding several women and fucking them , including the pornstar Marcia, the actor willingly put his dick in the pussy of these hot babes, and he did very well in this investigation because the cats release general. The legend Morgana Dark doing an anal after the pussy shower in the movie "Invasion of Privacy", he took the hot babes and put his dick in them. He was satisfied in the middle of 3 hot babes and even Morgana took a beating from the big guy from Brasileirinhas. The slutty in this porn movie was so much that the grown man even got tired, after all there were 7 scenes recorded and a lot of fucking on the safadinhas' ass. He ate these and many other actresses from Brasileirinhas such as Tamiry Chiavari, Monica Mattos, Mayara Rodrigues, Pamela Butt, Yumi Saito and Julia Paes. Just like the Frota sex scene with the transvestite, the Frota sex scene with Rita Cadillac was also a hit in Brasileirinhas, the two climbed and enjoyed very well in the movie "Pure Desire". The Queen of the Prisoners, Rita Cadillac seduced the Bad Boy of Brasileirinhas and screwed him a lot in a legendary scene for national porn, the hot one first gave a blowjob to the grown man that made him hard-boned, then the blonde girl released the pussy for him eat hard and groaned a lot with the horny of the gifted fucking with her pussy, after the grown man ate a lot the hot still enjoyed very tasty. 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There are more than ten films where the lucky one shows what he is capable of and makes you wish to be in his place, in addition to the actor Alexandre fleet Brasileirinhas has the category of celebrities in which you can play in all the films already made with famous and famous , here whoring is for everyone without distinction and the most important thing is to always enjoy tasty no matter if it is fucking or hitting that very hot wank, then subscribe to Brasileirinhas and check out all our films and also the famous fucking tasty!

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