Rita Cadillac

Rita Cadillac
Rita Cadillac showed that she knows how to fuck tasty and made several porn films for the cameras of Brasileirinhas. Check out all the photos and videos of this woman who is a seduction. Rita Cadillac is a dancer, singer and actress, she started her career as a chacrete and became famous as a singer and came to fuck tasty in Brasileirinhas. The hot blonde became known as the “prison favorite” for doing many shows for hundreds of detainees in the country. Rita Cadillac made some soap operas and participated in the reality show “A Fazenda 6”, from Rede Record, the blonde got to participate in the film Carandiru and sang and rocked a lot. Rita Cadilac started her participation in porn cinema in 2004 with the film “Sedução”, by Brasileirinhas. Among other pornographic films by Rita Cadillac, are: “Puro Desejo”; "Fiery and Furious"; “The Turn of Cadillac”; "Under the skin"; "Sexo no Salão" and "Carnaval", the cat gave a show at the whoring and showed that besides being a great actress, she fucks very tasty, Rita despite her crown still has a lot of fire in her ass and she made it very clear in the porn movies of Brasileirinhas. His sexually explicit films have had a huge sales success. In her sex scenes, Rita Cadillac has had sex with Alexandre Frota, Mateus Carrieri, Carlos Bazuca, Pitt Garcia and Oliver. In addition to having great orgies with the hottest porn of Brasileirinhas, the blonde threw herself into the whoring and had no grown man from Brasileirinhas that she didn't fuck, this hot one touched fire in Brasileirinhas and the temperature went up with the hot in the explicit sex scenes, and with such performance and production the result could not have been any other, the cat's films were hits in the porn world and the big guys and fans were drooling over the performance of the hottie in the movies. She fucked with several big guys and didn't lose her breath, Rita Cadillac showed that she was born for whoring, and besides having sex with well-endowed actors, she even bounced on Alexandre fleet's cock. The hot girl in addition to wiggling a lot in shows in prisons throughout Brazil, cat waddled also in the cock of well-endowed actors from Brasileirinhas, the show of the cat was complete and she enjoyed in all the scenes. The naughty blonde says she is well resolved and if she gets horny, she can solve it herself! Now that is a woman who knows your body well! Rita Cadillac naked is a real hurricane, Rita Cadillac's porn photo essays for Brasileirinhas are delicious to see, she did several very hot poses for Brasileirinhas and all the photos of the cat are available for free on our website. In an interview the cat revealed that before accepting the proposal to be a porn actress from Brasileirinhas she had a meeting with family and friends to get everyone's opinion, the blonde said that if they didn't approve she wouldn't do it, because the family for her is in first place, despite knowing that there may be criticism from the media regarding her scenes, the cat said that first comes the opinion of the family and then the fans and finally the media. The blonde also talked about her scenes, when asked if she was satisfied, the fiery one said no, because she had made everyone's fantasies come true with the films except hers, Rita also stated that she would not record with Alexandre Frota, but thankfully the cat changed her mind, as for the blonde's fantasies, Brasileirinhas immediately tried to make them real, like the scene in which the hot girl fucks in a Cadillac. This epic scene happened in a film in which Rita Cadillac participated and the blonde said that she really wants to do the scene, but this time with real sex, although many people think that the cat had sex on the scene, according to her it was just an act. . So let's go to the sexual fulfillment of Rita Cadillac, she won the sex scene in the red Cadillac and the hottie enjoyed making this sexual fantasy so much that she even released her ass, that's right! She had anal sex on top of the car with a healed and well-endowed grown man, the cat moaned a lot while the big cock ate her willingly from behind, this Rita has no limits when it comes to fucking tasty, the cat does it with pleasure and there's no shame. The pass of this blonde star of the inmates in Brasileirinhas yielded several must-see porn movies with a neat production and well-endowed actors.
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