Troca Troca

​A film filled with unlimited sex scenes with the right to everything! Brasileirinhas separated four scenes with bisexual boys and women who have no restrictions when it comes to fucking! In this film, dicks don't choose holes and the boys get in hard! With a team of incredibly naughty hotties – Gina Jolie, Thaíza Lemmon, Lua and Gabriela – “Troca Troca” reveals all male bisexuality during sex! And our cats approve and even join in the whoring! In the first scene, Lua is jealous of the presence of her husband's cousin, but decides to check the real reason for the visit and ends up loving the surprise! She joins her husband's bitching and everyone enjoys it! Gina Jolie is also horny and fucks two guys with dildos! These and other hot girls willing to do anything are in the film “Troca Troca” and will drive you crazy with unrestricted bitching on camera! Four hot scenes and one plus – Making Of – for you to see what goes on behind the cameras and before the dick actually eats!


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