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Capa frente do filme Deusa 300
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This is a super production by Brasileirinhas to make your cock pulsing horny. With a lot of history, bitching and making out from beginning to end, you will understand the legend of the goddess Phoenix! The Spartans believed that whoever kissed the lips of the Goddess, would reach immortality and become invincible before any enemy. Then, 300 soldiers marched to meet her, but few they will be able to hold them in their arms. In this long journey, the soldiers seek conquer something besides the kiss: the pussy! The strong cast of this film has the most desired national ponstar, all crazy to kill the lust! Bruna Ferraz embodies a goddess and fucks a soldier to test his strength Bruna Ferraz is a hot brunette and very famous in Brazil for starring explicit and very slutty films anal. In this porn video, the hot girl embodies a goddess who decides to test her strength and control your soldier by giving him an unforgettable fuck. The pervert goes crazy with the majestic body of the naughty and part up, fucking her all the ways, making the pussy like the ass to come on her face. Bruna Ferraz having sex is worthy of an Oscar for showing so much lust! Yumi Saito is a mix of goddess and geisha that stars in the second scene. This hot Asian is able to drive a soldier crazy with just his walk sexy. She wiggles her big ass while teasing and seducing the pervert, demanding an oral in pussy and reciprocating with a blowjob like that. The little bitch releases even the ass for the well endowed that doesn’t resist moans and ends up enjoying us her titties. Morgana Dark and Julia Paes having sex in front of 300 soldiers as evidence of resistance Morgana Dark enters the scene incarnating the Goddess Phoenix who when faced with 300 soldiers requesting his blessing, he proposed a resistance test for test the strength of the boys. For that, she summoned Julia Paes to have sex lesbo made in front of the army, where the sluts sucked, licked and they enjoyed tasty in each other's mouths. Julia Paes naked by herself, is already a boner, still with Morgana Dark fucking her, it's crazy. Morgana Dark gang bang with an army of gifted men Even after lesbo sex with the hot brunette, the Goddess is still not satisfied, launching yet another challenge for the army: a gang bang that kills its hunger for pica. The naughty promised to offer the gift to the soldier who best fulfill the role of fucking her tasty. The first step was a blowjob in each one of them, to then release the pussy, moaning loudly and asking for more. Until the ass she offered, then make a spectacular double penetration before taking a fucking bath. Naked Morgana Dark manages to drive 300 men crazy easily! Finally the Goddess grants honor to only one warrior, and he can kiss your lips to achieve immortality. However, Morgana Dark does not it is a woman to be alone in the kiss. She still wants more and her last test is to give for the chosen one until he comes. Does the brave warrior manage to resist uncontrollable urge to come and fuck this goddess to the end? Deusa 300 is a super production that Brasileirinhas made it especially for lovers of good pussies and good stories. Sex with context and uncensored bitching. You would love to be a subject in this film!

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