Derretendo de Tesão 2

In the summer heat, Joyce Oliveira, Pamela Butt, Monique Carvalho, Gabriela Portiolli and Mel are melting with lust! Joyce, a delicious mulatto, decides to cool off with Dhones Portella by the pool - and she, who loves anal, is as wet as she is! Already the very tasty Pamela Butt decides to cool off with a bunch of chilled grapes, but, in the end, ends up wrapping a grown man's banana ... Roll up honey in the chaninha in this delicious meal. Smart and independent, Monique and Gabi decide to take their clothes off and end up falling apart, at least until Rogê Ferro arrives. Melzinha, in turn, is herself a volcano - and, to deal with so much fire, only two men, interracial sex and a greedy double penetration!