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Fudeção in escolhinha! Lia is a student who loves older men. The professor and the director take advantage of this and make that hot double penetration - and the girl loves it!
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Nymphet Monique is punished fairly bitching in the sex school! No one had to be a bad girl. But she loves the punishment, having oral and anal bareback
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Lesbo scene: the yummy students Keffren and Monique enjoy who are alone to give one fuck! They use accessories and, of course, the language in a very tasty oral
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Melissa was caught masturbating in the school bathroom - and she will now have to give pro Roge to not have the video spread. But she loves sex, so she fancies the blowjob
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Thais is a tomboy and leaves the director of the school possessed. How to punish it? With enough meteção. Click and see how she likes to take a penalty in the ass without a condom
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In Collegial Vol. 2, the naughty nymphets prove to be nothing innocent doing double penetration, oral, lesbo, anal and other delicacies. Another must-see movie Brasileirinhas
Capa frente do filme Colegiais Vol.2
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This film is the continuation of a Brasileirinhas success, “Colegiais Vol.2” brings together once again the most desperate lolitas you have ever seen and with new sweet-assed actresses ready to take a lick and roll in any hole! In the Sex Education class the activities are very practical and interactive, and Keffren takes all his doubts by sucking his little friend with pleasure. Thais Almeida is fucked hard by the director because of her indiscipline, but after this punishment, she will be even more undisciplined just to get shit in the face every day! Melissa was caught doing “ugly things” in the bathroom and it was just an innocent siririca, but Roge Ferro filmed everything and if she doesn't give him the ass, the video will leak to the whole school, she ends up taking rolls with force and liking each one again, after all, no woman is satisfied with just a siririca. Lia says she adores older men and this is confirmed by an incredible double penetration with the teacher and the principal. This little brunette only looks innocent, but she can take thick cock and drink hot milk from both sticks. Colegiais Vol. 2 is the best at bitching school. Naughty Lolitas willing to do anything in uniforms beyond provocative you will only see in this production! The school principal talks to Thaís Almeida and punishes you. And to get rid of the punishment, the bastard asks for hot babe suck your dick until it gets really hard. The nymphet can't take it and releases her hot pro well endowed pussy, in various positions, until the bastard comes in the mouth. Melissa releasing her hot ass well endowed pro Melissa was caught masturbating in the bathroom, and the bastard asks her to give her hot ass. Very naughty, she prances her ass big, and let the gifted go masturbating until you start to fuck her pussy in various positions until you stick it in the hot ass and come in the face of the hot brunette. Keffren and Monique using console close together Keffren and Monique are close together in class, masturbating with comfort, very naughty. These sluts release everything to each other very horny. These lesbians they do a lot of oral sex and get really wet. Monique prancing her big ass Monique takes scolding and as punishment, the naughty has to fuck with teacher! The hot brunette makes oral sex until the dick is very hard, so horny. With the ass great prancing, the naughty takes cock in the hot pussy in various positions until you get a lot of cum in your mouth. Lia fucking with a lot of double penetration Lia ends up fucking with the teacher and the principal together! The naughty has oral sex on both of them, copm right to the deep throat. With the ass great rearing, the naughty gives hot pussy in various positions until double vaginal penetration and when it releases the hot ass, the naughty makes a lot of double penetration and wins enjoyment of the two well endowed.

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