Vivian Falcon

Vivian Falcon
Vivian Falcon arrived at Brasileirinhas after participating in the reality porn show A Casa das Brasileirinhas! Since then, the hot brunette discovered herself in porn and recorded several sex scenes LIVE throughout her participation in reality. The naked brunette reveals big and natural breasts, hot ass, always shaved pussy and a perfect ass for that anal! Vivian Falcon is 29 years old and lives in Guarulhos, São Paulo. She said during her participation that she did not think twice about accepting Brasileirinhas' proposal. "When I received the proposal, I accepted it right away," he said. & Nbsp; On the Brasileirinhas website, Vivian Falcon participated in the film Na Caçapa and the 32nd season of Casa das Brasileirinhas fulfilled all activities alongside the blonde Bruna Lambertini. Together, they sensualized on camera and fancied too much behind the scenes of porn.

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