Vivi Fernandez

Vivi Fernandez
WATCH THE PORN VIDEOS OF THE HOTTEST MALANDRINHA IN BRASILEIRINHAS THE EX-MALANDRINHA VIVI HAS ALREADY PARTICIPATED IN VARIOUS TELEVISION PROGRAMS, BUT IT IS VERY WELL ON THE BRASILEIRINHAS SCREENS. CHECK THE MOVIES PORN THAT GATA ALREADY MADE. Naked porn actress Vivi Fernandez will be the eternal muse of Brasileirinhas! This hot blonde is an actress, model and dancer! Owner of a sculptural body with beautiful perky breasts, flat stomach and delicious ass, this cat made unforgettable sex movies that will always be a success! The 1.7m blonde was born in Brasilia on September 29, 1977, at the age of 20 she moved to SP to pursue her dream of becoming a model, and after becoming known as Sergio Malandro's dancer the cat was only successful , but the best part is that this beautiful and hot blonde decided to sign with Brasileirinhas and become a porn actress. Former trickster Vivi started with some sexy rehearsals for men's magazines, but her potential went far beyond magazines and in 2005 she was hired by Brasileirinhas to act as a porn actress, starring with boyfriend Hugo Marck in a movie that broke sales records soon after her release, this blonde made the big guys crazy at the time of the release and even today the films of this muse of Brasileirinhas are successful on our website.
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