Thammy Gretchen

Thammy Gretchen
Tammy gretchen starred in porn movies in Brasileirinhas Check out the lesbian sex movies of the daughter of the famous singer Gretchen! The best cruising videos among women you can only find here in Brasileirinhas. Thammy Gretchen was a sex symbol, just like her mother, Gretchen, in the mid-90s, but she decided to reveal herself to the world, she showed her true way of being and assumed her homosexuality for Brazil in 2006, leaving aside the sexy symbol and assuming your true self! Thammy Gretchen is the daughter of singer Gretchen, known as the butt queen. The brunette made the lesbian sex porn movies before making her transition, the cat has even gotten to participate in soap operas, but now she is him, and Thammy left great films for the LGBT people, the cat did a lot of bitching in these films, in addition to being naked and showing her body, the cat still directed all Julia Paes films paying for herself with other hot babes, and in these films there was only a tasty actress and cumshots was not lacking. She caused controversy after agreeing to participate in porn movies with his then girlfriend, Julia Paes. In the film “Sádica”, Thammy Gretchen porn plays an abused adult film director who has the most coveted cast of Brasileirinhas: Yumi Saito, Natalia Lemos, Suzana Rios, Cinthia Santos, among other hot babes! They all passed through the hands and tongue of Thammy Gretchen! Before becoming a porn actress and coming out as homosexual, the brunette was a dancer and followed the same steps as her mother and after coming out, nothing has changed dramatically, besides her look, after all mother and daughter acted in separate films from Brasileirinhas! Naked Thammy Gretchen gathered eight hot babes in another film: “Thammy & Cia” and left a lot of men biting with envy! Recently, she played delegate Jô in Rede Globo's soap opera “Salve Jorge” and guaranteed a good audience and good reviews. Thammy Gretchen is controversial, true and does not let a hot woman go unnoticed! The whoring is already in the blood of this cat, after all she is the daughter of none other than Gretchen. Gretchen's daughter gave a show in Brasileirinhas porn movies, and the fuck of the cats under the direction of Gretchen's daughter. Thammy likes a slutty and starred in several lesbo scenes with hard sex and moans from beginning to end, the brunette took part in several porn movies of Brasileirinhas and the cats who caught themselves in the porn movie gave a show in whoring and making out, they they fucked and sucked tasty, in all the movies the cats fucked with desire and Tammy still looked at Júlia Paes fucking, the sluts are so horny that they got wet and enjoyed tasty. The hot babes who participated in the films with Thammy Gretchen were Julia Paes, Natalia Lemos Yumi Saito, Paola Alves, Erika Martinelli, Susana Rios, Fernanda Franklyn, Melissa Pitanga, Ju Pantera, Babalu and Bruna Ferraz, they are all beautiful actresses and acclaimed by the public directed by the Thammy, she understands a lot of whoring and there was no way that the porn films of the hottie are not successes, with all the hot women fucking and enjoying, there is still a scene in which the cat takes off her clothes and dances naked, showing your dancer side. Thammy Gretchen gave a show on the whoring and drying item besides being a great actress the cat still proved that she is a great director of lesbian porn movies, the cat still got a few catches on Júlia Paes and what was not lacking was a lot of slutty and women hot babes getting hot, the cats proved that lesbian sex is wonderful and that women really know how to fuck tasty with others and the clitoris is well explored by the language of the naughty girls, Tammy's participation was also a delight, the cat commanded the whoring in these porn movies of brasileirinhas like nobody and proved that fucks better than many men out there, the scenes were to envy a lot of grown man who wanted is in the place of the hot in the midst of so many beautiful porn actress.
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