Safira Prado

Safira Prado
Safira Prado is one of those newbies who has a future in whoring! This cat arrived from Goiânia to win the hearts of the subscribers at Casa das Brasileirinhas! At the age of 25, she started to get dirty through our reality show and took the title of Miss Brasileirinhas twice! A true phenomenon. & Nbsp; The hot brunette needs no comments! She has her body molded for whoring with small, natural breasts, big ass, flat stomach, tight ass and a mouth-watering pussy! On stage, she takes care of everything a little! Anal sex, greedy oral sex and lesbian sex is with herself! & Nbsp; Sapphire makes the romantic girlfriend style, but knows how to fuck tasty when things get hot! At Brasileirinhas, she debuted in the movie "Buceta Vice", directed by Marco Cidade, and gave a real acting show alongside the brunette Amanda Souza! This cat will still be very successful in national porn.

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