Juliano Ferraz

Juliano Ferraz

Juliano Ferraz started to make his way within the porn industry here in Brasileirinhas and, since then, it has been an absolute success in all the films he participated in! At 18 he was a dancer in nightclubs in São Paulo, but soon he stood out and received an invitation to participate in a porn movie, Juliano accepted the proposal and saw his life change from water to wine. In a short time he became one of the most in demand from Brazil, opposite famous celebrities like Rita Cadillac, Vivi Fernandez and Marcia Imperator, acted in gay films and did numerous works as an actor and director abroad with several renowned producers, among them, Elegant Angel. & nbsp; As an actor, he was directed by Rocco Siffreddi and Nacho Vidal, who even took him out of Brazil for the first time. Juliano traced a successful career and achievements in an environment where only the gifted have time, his gay films were successful and are still remembered today by his longing fans! He became a world-renowned actor in the medium in which he chose and won in France as the Best Actor in Latin America, in addition to other nominations for awards. For Brasileirinhas, Juliano made the films Vivi.com.tesão, The First Time by Rita Cadillac, Fidelity to the Test, Violation Anal 3 among others of equal success. Juliano only acted against the famous and was worshiped on the scene! & Nbsp; Today, Juliano no longer acts in porn films, at the age of 24 he abandoned the pornographic universe, became pastor of an evangelical church and takes his testimony to everyone who comes to him . Recently, Juliano Ferraz, now Giuliano Ferreira (Christian name), released his biography entitled Luz, Camera, Action and Transformation by Editora Semeando, telling details of the backstage of the films he acted and even the reason for which he abandoned his career still on the rise. & Nbsp ; Giuliano Ferraz went from sin to sanctity, after all he acted in countless straight and gay films accumulating about 300 titles, but the award-winning and world-coveted man became a simple man and turned to the church and family. Juliano Ferraz, Julio Vidal and Lucianno, his stallion pseudonyms, were left behind along with his porn history, but his films make his fans remember his performance and see everything that today is covered by a suit!

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