Iris Blond

Iris Blond
A blonde girl with blue eyes, big tits and a big tail! This naughty showed that she knows everything when it comes to metecion. No restrictions, easy release the ass and tight pussy! Íris participated in three successful films by Brasileirinhas: Sexo no Salão 2002, Fórum Brasileirinhas 2 and Fórum Brasileirinhas 3. With a great desire to get into it, she participated in one of the biggest orgies ever recorded at Brasileirinhas - Sexo no Salão 2002, where she samba of several well-endowed without making a face, on the contrary, moaning with lust! Drooling a lot and swallowing the whole dick, Iris drives the boy crazy. Who can handle this hot cat? She sits down hard and rolls around with a dick stuck in her ass. Iris Blond is the fatal blonde type that wherever she goes is coveted, she arrived in Brasileirinhas to mark her name, make history and be fantasized forever in the imagination of all the men who watch her films.

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