Barbie Soares

Barbie Soares

Blonde, hot and tattooed! - that would be a good definition for the delicious Barbie Soares, but Brasileirinhas has details about this girl. Barbie was born in São Paulo and is still a novice in the pornographic world, but she is already part of the team of hot babes from the movie “Copa do Sexo 2” alongside Carol Castro, Angel Lima and Carol Diaz! On the scene, the blonde fancies in the blowjob, takes poked with taste and ends with the big tits smeared with cum. She has a body shaped for sin with beautiful huge breasts, a hot and upright ass, defined thighs and a tight pussy. Barbie does not dispense with good whoring and that is why she participated in the first explicit sex reality show “A Casa Das Brasileirinhas” where she was able to do whatever she wanted, in addition to chatting with internet users in delicious slutty chats. At the time of live sex with the drawn subscriber, Barbie broke free and made the boy come hard! Brasileirinhas wasted no time and summoned this cat to be part of the team of the hottest porn actresses in Brazil. With the cat there is no fooling around, she already arrives carefully in the blowjob! Barbie Soares has the face of a sweet girl and resourcefulness worthy of a pornstar. With this doll on the scene it is impossible not to touch a wank!

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