Our meats are first rate and the beautiful Mary Luthay are here to oversee every little thing
The barbecue did not work, but did not leave the Loupan ninfetinha in hand, offering rolls as a main dish
Mary Luthay discovers fraud in the meat trade and resolves to charge the fine otherwise
Fiscal meat proof four tasty side lucky to to know if they are of quality or cardboard
The hot brunettes had sex on the table with a mouthful of water.
Capa frente do filme A Carne é Fraca 4k
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Among the controversies involving the quality of the meat sold in Brazil, are delicious like Bruna Lambertini and Mari Luthay doing the craziest bitching, proving that "Meat is Weak" really. Scenes of anal, lesbo and reverse gang bang await you in this super production launched in 4K exclusive to Brasileirinhas. Loupan does barbecue only sausage for naughty young Loupan, who is not silly or anything, decided to have a barbecue for his special guest Polly Petrova, even though the quality of the meat was very low. When noticing cardboard in the food, the tarado decided to serve his sausage as a main dish, beginning a whoring, with the right to a lot of anal sex and a fisting that the very ninfetinha did on herself. This is proof that “Meat is weak”. Mary Luthay applies sexual fine to employee disobedient Mary Luthay is working as a slaughterhouse inspector and realizing that one of his employees are transporting meats in an irregular way, the brunette decided to apply a fine. The naughty big ass makes it clear that the penalty for disobedience & nbsp; will be much more pleasant than the pervert imagine, & nbsp; undressing and asking for rolls in the wet pussy. The grown man wastes no time and goes up, fucking the delicious in every possible way, without even letting the ass escape! Still in survey, Mary Luthay tries the pussy of the picanha Bruna Lambertini Mary Luthay's work continues and this time, the inspection was in a butcher shop. The owner of the establishment made a point of showing his best pieces of meat, leaving exposed to maminha: Joyce Jacomelli, the filet mignon: Polly Petrova and still a beautiful piece picanha: Bruna Lambertini. The brunette wasted no time and tried each one, including the gifted in the joke making everything a gang bang inverted. Babi Ventura feels in her skin what is corruption with Mrs Analine Shocked by the behavior of the inspector, Babi Ventura decides to communicate the fraud to anyone who comes from top: the hot deputy Analine. However, in the office things do not come out as planned, because the brunette ends up getting involved in the corruption scheme when he accepts to make a lesbo with politics. These lesbians fucking are from make anyone crazy with lust, mainly because they don’t care with modesty, letting them see on the office table at the risk of being caught in blatant!


Polly Petrova was disappointed to find that the barbecue with Loupan would not work because of the meat with cardboard, but the grown man did not leave the ninfetinha in hand, offering their rolls as a main dish. The hot killed hunger by giving up the ass as well as make a delicious fisting with his own hand. This woman is a spectacle and started with the right foot in the world of porn.
Fiscal Mary Luthay took his staff in flagrant carrying meat in poor condition and rather than fine him, decided to implement another warning. The pervert got lucky, fucking pussy and ass of sexy brunette to say enough is enough, stopping only after cum in her little mouth. This woman is amazing, especially when groans increasingly asking.
Mary Luthay embodies once again a hot tax that doing the survey in a butcher shop, decides to try three kinds of meat: beef tenderloin played by Polly Petrova , picanha the beautiful Bruna Lambertini and still titty with the lovely Joyce Jacomelli . Of course, the owner of the establishment was not left out of bitching, participating in the gang bang opposite with four women first!
To finish watching the operation with "The Flesh is Weak" Babi Ventura decided to go to the root, to speak directly with Mrs Analine . What brunette not pricked it is not sure his plan would give and that in addition to participating in the scheme, would also be subject to manipulation. The naughty Mrs broke up the other, starting a lesbo full of putarias the office, leaving the film even hotter!

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